Afraid of catching the  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)?



Are you terrified of what could happen to you and your family if this outbreak gets worse? Have you no chance of getting a mask to protect yourself? Like to learn practical ways to stop getting infected? What if you could learn that you could address a major factor of catching this virus? What if you could learn this from your own home without fear of going to a course and catching it from someone on the course with you?

The upside of learning how to protect yourself and your family from catching coronavirus is that this works to protect you all from other colds and viruses too! You don’t need to wait for a new vaccine, get a new jab next year as your immunity wears out – this will help you to maintain better health 24/7 irrespective of what’s out there that you can catch. 

You do obviously need to be prudent – this isn’t a full protective hazmat suit! But this is the best protection for you! Facemasks are designed to STOP SPREADING infection NOT TO STOP CATCHING IT! The Chinese, in a very civic minded fashion, wear masks to stop others from catching their infection! This works very well when you consider there is a billion Chinese and the less spread of infection the better! So if you have a beard, or if you don’t wear the mask very well anyway, or you breathe very heavily then the infection can get in around the side of the mask anyway. Its what happens next that is the critical factor…


It is time to get serious about YOU not Catching viral infections like covid-19 !



It is time to stop fire-fighting, worrying about where is the infection spreading, who has been to China or Italy and where is your full body suit? it is time to make A plan, stick to it, implement it and make it happen! We can fool ourselves sometimes by trying now solutions that you feel are just more of the same (things that won’t work anyway) and still catching an infection anyway? I don’t mean you need to stay indoors with a pile of tinned food and rice and not go out for weeks until this all blows over – life must go on and we need to protect ourselves in a very practical way.

How can you best protect yourself? Sure, there are tips out there from the health authorities about coughing into my elbow and avoiding those who sneeze or cough or places where people gather but you still have to do your job, still have to eat and we all need a break from all this worry! I know you have soooo many questions!! And chances are you may feel a little resigned about it, sure nothing works and you think nothing can be done!

Tired of worrying about catching other people’s infections? Sign up for our program and have a lower stress, healthier, happier life!



Do you REALLY worry about contracting covid-19? DO you already catch everything that’s going? Yes, I mean there are some of us who go to a party or some event where someone else has a sniffle and then in the following day or two develop full blown man flu? It’s not that you don’t catch it, or that it is that severe (it is!), it’s just that your immune system has a big, big hole in it and this welcomes the infection straight in! So you do catch it, develop it and it does take you out! So you stay at home and only venture out in a hazmat suit or at least a mask to stop YOU SPREADING IT to others, right? Wrong! Mostly, we keep going, get to work and gratefully pass it around to everyone else! There are people at work who then seem to never catch it, while the same people catch EVERYTHING OUT THERE! Its not fair- why them and not me!

Well, I want to share with you the tricks to convert yourself into one of them, to boost your immune system so it fights infection quickly, to recover more quickly and for it NOT to bring you down so easily!

So how do they have better immunity that you? Can I really be changed into a immune system 2.0 version of myself? A version of myself who doesn’t catch those colds and flus and viruses? Its all about my genes, right? And we can’t change our genes so its not possible or it wont work on me so it really can’t work? Well, I used to think that way until I learned how to do it myself! I sat there wondering how did I ever end up paying to learn things that were so simple they could never work! lI was the most sceptical sceptic who thought there was little I could learn to help me, as I was used to coping and struggling with my health all my life. How could  learning simple techniques and skills be life-changing and life-saving techniques? I sat there and listened, decided to give it a go and now 17 years later I am upgraded to version 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 and now I am bulletproof!

You can be bulletproof too! Or at least far more bulletproof than you are now! I know, I know, 17 years is great for me but covid-19 is coming for us all RIGHT NOW! So what will I be able to help! The good news, you don’t have to wait 17 years! I got great benefit within weeks or even days. I slept better after a few night’s adjustment (5 to be precise – and that wasn’t easy), reacted better to everything and reduced my stress levels all while making a large improvement to my lifelong health condition. So who wouldn’t like to sleep better??? Well, I was a chronic poor sleeper really, I would make at the smallest disturbance, and couldn’t get back to sleep if I woke so ended up grumpier than I really should have been. What made it worse was how hard I was working and then when I couldn’t sleep it would be very frustrating to want to sleep and not be able to – or to get to sleep but not be able to stay asleep. What made it worse was lying beside me was my beautiful wife who is a great sleeper! It was tough for her as I would be annoyed with not sleeping during the night, and then be cranky during the next day because of my lack of sleep so by bedtime I was like a bag of cats with the tiredness! So when I changed my breathing, my sleep dramatically improved and just in the nick of time as in quick succession 2 children arrived so I needed to adapt!

 On top of that, my overall health improved, my heart rate dropped dramatically (who knew that you could lower lifelong higher than normal heart-rate with simple application) and with this comes a sense of calm -it makes sense too! When agitated our heart rate rises to prepare for fight or flight so by having a high heart rate I was in an agitated condition even when I was relaxed which affected my sleep, my immune system, my mood without even realising why! My exercise tolerance improved hugely too – instead of being crippled with an infection I could remain active and could finally run a 5K without stopping – even ran a marathon with some training!

  All this wouldn’t be possible without changing to version 2.0! Its not actually an upgrade  -you won’t have an amazing body overnight (now I would love to claim I did and you can too – but we got what we got – we just need to use it and move it better!)

So, the hard bit to realise is that version 2.0 is closer that you think Version 2.0 – it’s hidden inside you! It’s the true you actually! Ever think afterward that “that wasn’t you”, “wasn’t the real me”, I ideally “wouldn’t act like that”, “not sure what same over me” etc etc?? Well, we can be very hard on ourselves and then react in that way with our inner internal harsh critic. By being calmer this version of yourself starts to calm down and have less of an influence. When we upgrade ourselves, things start to slot together in a better way. Rather than scare you further about coronavirus and covid-19, I want to teach you to take things in your stride and that the answer is within. You just need to unlock it. A bit like making the switch from catching everything going around to becoming near bulletproof, this version of you is actually much closer to the real you. We all have the ability to have better immunity – it’s just that we have been distracted with our busier and busier lives from focussing on it. Maybe this is your opportunity now and also a major motivation – no one wants to catch the coronavirus if at all possible. Even if you do catch it, following my program will give your immune system a serious help in fighting it off and to reduce it’s effect on you. And the best thing for everyone else is that you wont spread it to everyone else too!

Would you like to have a strategy to allow you to NOT CATCH the coronavirus or all the other stuff flying around? Or perhaps even create a new harmony in your relationship, life and household where you feel re-energised all the time because you are also getting a far better night’s sleep? It’s all interlinked! Living this way means you are getting less out of life, less love, less harmony, less cuddles, less energy and less health…

It is time to get More!


Have you been…


Afraid of coronavirus & anxious about how near it is getting to you?

Wanting to believe in the power of facemasks and anxiously waiting on the development of a new vaccine and hope they can do it soon to save us all (vaccines take time)?

Do you feel resigned to catching it just because you catch everything going already, your genetic makeup suggests you should, your parents have poor immunity, their parents too, you are just built that way, it’s in your genes, so why bother to try something new?

Wanting to SURVIVE a CORONAVIRUS GLOBAL PANDEMIC but you don’t know how? Think it’s not possible anyway? Have you set it as your goal and found YOUR WAY?











The Protect Against Viral Infection in 28 days is a guided immune system training program, that will train and guide you to have better immunity in 28 days, to craft your own personalised plan to put an end to catching every infection out there (especially this one) , and to make it part of your new habit so that you are near bulletproof even when you are no longer doing the daily exercises!

Are you ready to do something about it? Are you ready to follow OUR program and implement it to create your SUPER IMMUNITY near BULLETPROOF future?

The Protect Against Viral Infection 28 day Program will guide you from catch everything to catch almost nothing, following the specific training, videos, and worksheets to create your new happier and coronavirus-free future life.









What Is the Protect Against Viral Infection in 28 days Program?

Behind the scenes of the Snoring Coach Program

Your Protect Against Viral Infection in 28 Days Program is broken into 4 weekly modules to guide you through a path to create your own personalised boost your immune system program. The program consists of videos, worksheets, checklists and tips for you to craft your own personal program to stop you from catching it and to keep you free of other infections in the future. There is email support as well as and group & peer-to-peer support in a private group.














The Next Protect Against Viral Infection in 28 Days Program Starts 18th of March







Learning How To start breathing gently all day and all night


Whether you have a genetic pre-disposition, narrow facial structures and nasal passageways, sinusitis, rhinitis, hayfever, a regularly or constantly blocked nose, failed using other products, techniques or programs, have almost given up on life as it affects everyone else so badly and you have found nothing helps, the  Program will help you:.


Week 1: Start to breathe through your nose

Behind every successful ex-problem is a person with a new gently nasal breathing habit. Like me, you may never have breathed through your nose at all or much. I will teach you new methods of connecting with your breath, unblocking your nose and slowing and reducing your breathing during the day doing specific exercises so that you can reduce your chance of catching infectious illnesses. There are also specific things to do to give you the best chance of bullet proof immunity – re-connect with your own breath!

Understand how your breathing affects you and learn to breathe only through your nose by day.

Follow our top tips for a good night’s sleep with a new pre-sleep routine and sleeping posture tips !!

Learn the easiest actions to radically boost your immune system !

Week 2: Getting used to the basics

You will have a good awareness of your breathing during the day – awareness is key

Starting to think of your breathing when it comes under pressure during the day – critical times to watch out are when you are talking, exercising and at times of stress.

Talking surely doesn’t affect your immune system ?? When we talk we open our mouths! If we breathe in through our mouth before speaking we bypass our immune system so we catch more infections! I’ll show you how to do it without taking this chance. Talking and breathing related issues are common among those who speak for a living: teachers, people in the media, sales, talk all day and even social talking can be an issue for impaired immune system.

Strengthen your mindset and belief for success to help you on your journey to better health, each time you make small improvements in your breathing your body will give feedback of feeling better.

Week 3: Putting it all together

Get super clear on how you need to breathe all day. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will be aware of your breathing and be mindful of it. Gently breathing all day keeps your breathing right and quiet at night and radically reduces the amount of inhaled irritants, allergens and infections.

Be back in your own bed for life! Snuggle up and stay the night in the same bed as your partner. Breathe quietly while exercising is getting easier and you are back at a higher level than the baby steps last week.

Follow my guided workbook to create the new healthy you, update youslef from within to version 2.0 and see your immune system reboost put into action right in front of you!

Week 4: Become Bulletproof

Now you have created your new better breathing you, all you need to do is keep it up! Over time this will become the new way that you breathe and you can monitor and enhance your immunity based on how you feel, how you measure your breathing in the morning, and how energetic you feel – you might even find that your partner’s snoring is too loud and they need to work on their own breathing so you can sleep at night! To think they used to complain about you!

You now know these breathing exercises and can implement it in future should your snoring recur. It will have made a fantastic difference in your relationships for you to be giving everyone else a good night’s sleep and having finally found far better sleep for yourself too!

Lowered heart rate, normal blood pressure, better energy, lower stress and better stress response, less cranky (yes, snorers are cranky – and so are the people who they keep awake!) and far better exercise tolerance, people will notice how you seem to do things effortlessly that used to take a lot out of you!!

You will be well on the way to reverse your risk factors for obesity, heart disease and stroke through correct breathing and stopping snoring. You do not need to go on and develop sleep apnoea from heavy snoring – a hidden cause of much ill-health in society – if you mind your breathing for the rest of your life it will protect you from these risk factors for the rest of your life too.










If that really isn’t enough I have some AWESOME Bonuses!

Bonus 1: reduce your night-time toilet trips

This is something that I suffered from all my life until I changed my breathing. I used to avoid water, stopped drinking liquids after 6pm and was constantly dehydrated as a result. I then woke every night and had to go to the toilet for a tiny volume! I couldn’t understand how so little liquid sent such a strong signal that it woke me from my sleep. So when I changed my breathing it stopped and a while later I asked why? Turns out, our bladder is surrounded by smooth muscle and when we snore and breathe heavily at night the smooth muscle contracts putting the squeeze on our bladder where we then get the signal to go to the toilet or we wet the bed. For men with prostrate issues, how much is the prostrate and how much is hidden heavy breathing? Fix your breathing first and then the prostrate may not be such an issue.

Value €97


Bonus 2: Boost your immunity

We regularly hear that our immune system starts and ends in our gut, but we neglect our breathing at our peril. If you suffer from regular colds and flus, and colds that go to your chest, then this program will make a life changing difference to you! Where we breathe too heavily we increase the number of airborne particles, where the breath is through the mouth instead then it is not filtered and all of a sudden we have 12 times the allergen to deal with. Switching to nasal only breathing filters 75% of these particles out and then reducing the volume from 3-4 times back to 2-3 times and then 1-2 times makes a massive difference in quantity which results in the body being able to cope and then recover from the previous overload. This reduces histamine and inflammation throughout our body.  So if you want to get your immune system back into balance and normally functioning then you need to take this online program!

Would you like to only get a mild sniffle rather than full-blown man-flu? Like to have SUPER Immunity while everyone else drop like flies? By fixing your breathing for viral infection this is a massive bonus Side effect! People will wonder what new diet you are on or what you are doing with your health and immunity and the answer is just hiding in plain sight, its as plain as the nose on your face! Now to learn how to use it properly!

Value €117


Bonus 3: Improved exercise enjoyment, tolerance, and efficiency


Would you like to be able to run and compete with far less effort? Pass people out while they are puffing and panting while you glide by silently breathing through your nose?

When you change your breathing your heart rate will drop and this will correspond to being able to do the same work out with far lower perceived effort: so you can go as fast as before without the strain. This means that it takes a shorter amount of time for your to be able to train again!

Value €147


Bonus 4: Save your marriage!


Someone once joked to me “marriage is grand but divorce will cost you Thirty Grand!”

It may be worth more or less to you depending on your own circumstances, but avoiding the grief and disturbance of snoring, which can disrupt a partner’s sleep so much they feel like killing you (sleep deprivation is a known form of torture) or getting rid of you so they can finally get some peace and sleep (a few steps in between are the spare room, the couch, and always being in the dog-house) so you may find that your partner is far more receptive to you when you quieten your snoring at night so much that you start complaining about their own snoring! Then the situation will be reversed, and you can send them on to my program so they can become snore-free too!

Value €30,000!





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