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How did Eoin Burns Develop this Protect Against Infection Program? 


This the fruit of almost ten years experience of training people to overcome breathing related issues like sinusitis, asthma and snoring. I am passionate about helping people to overcome issues with their health that have a very overlooked origin and can be helped to an incredible level through retraining. This allows you to boost your immune system and improve your sleep quality, to feel rested instead of tired and under pressure and to have a happier healthier you and family. We tend to believe that this is something that we can do little about, that we have no control over our immune system as its just your random set of unchangeable genes. I passionately believe that through posture work and awareness of your breathing throughout the day that you can reduce the flow of air into our lungs, breathe in using our natural filters all day and night and breathe out this cleaning our filters with each breath. Where you breathe far less, then you inhale far less airborne pathogens and viruses. Where you breathe through your nose you expel them again in 15 minutes so they are no longer within you. This is the first line of defence. Where you bypass your filter, dust particles and other allergens can remain in your body for up to 4 months! This is the hidden explanation for year round symptoms of hayfever and other respiratory and seasonal complaints that last all year. Where you have seasonal issues you can resolve them with this program.

I am a lifelong convert to optimal breathing where I exercise in a variety of sports on a regular basis and from hiking to running, cycling to rowing, soccer to basketball, I can exercise at a high level with reduced breathing throughout. If you follow my program, you will achieve far more than just boosting your immune system, you will benefit from far higher energy levels, a more can do attitude and really everything will feel easier for you with better sleep and less strife around your health!

We often hear limiting beliefs around not being able to help our genetic makeup or that we are what we eat, life and lifestyle are far more interconnected and complicated than that! So though I am a lifelong asthmatic and will always have the propensity to have symptoms, where I watch how I breathe and maintain an active lifestyle, I don’t need to suffer any symptoms and maintain good lung health – entirely medication-free! I used to catch everything going! Being tall and having your mouth open is not a great place to be when people are coughing and pluttering or sneezing in your general direction! Your diet is important and it’s also important to know what you may have a susceptibility genetically to suffer from, but where you mind your breathing you can protect yourself from your genes and also from your diet!

I have always been health conscious and into fitness, but I still struggled with my breathing lifelong throughout my life to my early 30s this affected many areas of my life, not just poor immunity!. It still amazes me how much it affected me in terms of patience and understanding as well as energy levels and ability to remain calm under pressure. So, I know what it feels like not to be happy with how your body works and to be putting your life on hold. And how draining illness then the inevitable irritation and sleep deprivation can be on a relationship. Fortunately, I now have a very different relationship with myself, exercise and life and enjoy taking care of my body and creating optimal health for me and my family. So, what brought about the change? Well a combination of things really – in particular realising that health is so much more than just diet and exercise (as important as these are) and that we are so much more than our weight! I have spent the last 10 years working and studying in the health and fitness field and this program brings together all my learning and experience in a comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based programme. I take all the research and translates it into a very easy to follow step-by-step approach – all the work has been done for you, all you have to do is trust the process, do the actions and enjoy the results!



Why Do I Suffer ill-health and from infections?

I made an amazing health breakthrough when I finally learned to breathe properly. Since retraining in breathing, I have retrained in how to speak, how to stand, how to run and how to walk more optimally – all things I was unaware that there was a mastery required – not just to get by but to do a lot better. I became a Breathing Instructor in 2007 in order to help others to make similar health breakthroughs as I had experienced myself. It was also very helpful to keep me focussed, aware and up to date with developments in the area of breathwork to best maintain my own improvement – so that I continue to learn and not just implement it for a short while. I have since worked with athletes up to Olympic Level and professional sportsmen and women who wish to gain an edge in their performance and recovery. I have worked with those whose immune system is compromised included clients undergoing cancer treatment with no immune system left, allergy sufferers up to anaphylaxis and with sleep apnoea sufferers to help to reverse their heavy breathing requirements – by breathing less and less each day, all day, they can start to breathe less and less 24/7 with remarkable improvements in their symptoms. I developed Protect Against Infection Program to best leverage my knowledge and to deliver the health defence where it is needed most with a global pandemic threatened, where they can learn in their own home, at their own pace. Where desired, face to face instruction can be facilitated through skype. This allows me to help clients in a far wider geographic area and without the constraints of delivering each session in person each time, which is not practical with differences in time-zones. I believe there is a key issue with spread of infection that is ignored in the healthcare market – how to reverse big volume breathing that leads to health issues and inevitably transmission of infection. The symptoms of breathing too much can be much reduced by first working on the big breathing and then seeing if the health issue left behind resolves itself. It is easier to build a product to treat the continued unnecessary suffering of those with these reduced immunity issues and their families rather than address the amplifier factor of big breathing. If you breathe 3-4 times too much all day, and this is easy to do without being obvious, when you go to sleep at night you will also breathe 3-4 times too much and be a snorer as well as catch infections easily! Where you halve how much you breathe during the day, you will make huge differences to how your natural defences work – you may no longer suffer an infection even when you are in contact with it, you will breathe it back out or kill in with your immune system! This is the 4 weeks program, in a nutshell – greatly reduce your breathing to greatly reduce or completely boost your Immune system!

I strive to keep up to date with latest developments and am always engaged in some form of learning and personal development.


My holistic approach

Having experienced a great easing in symptoms when I lived abroad in the mid 1990’s, I was shocked to get them all back again when I moved back to Ireland. This gave me hope that there may be some way of addressing my important health issues that were holding me back. I have explored a variety of approaches to health and well-being. Over the years, I have recognised the need for an integrated model of health which values the importance of creating health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am an advocate of reduced breathing and have followed this path now for nearly 15 years. I practice what I preach and I am passionate about helping others!

I live on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland with my wife and four children. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors with my family. I love cycling, running, hiking, swimming, triathlons and anything else that involves moving! I have played rugby and basketball to National League level, I have cycled the Ring of Kerry and a stage of the Tour De France – but now I participate in events for the fun. My other loves in life are travelling, reading, better mental health, personal development and most of all, enjoying quality time with my family.


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